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Mid-air scare for Virgin passengers on flight from Adelaide to Perth

A Virgin flight from Adelaide to Perth had a mid-air scare on Sunday night.

Passengers onboard say the aircraft nose-dived, before the pilot made an emergency announcement just minutes from landing.

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Despite passengers' accounts, a Virgin Australia spokesperson reassured that a nosedive never happened.

"Virgin Australia Regional Airlines flight VA 721 travelling from Adelaide-Perth landed safely in Perth after an issue with the cabin pressurisation system was identified by our flight crew," a spokesperson said.

"Safety is our number one priority and our flight crew took all necessary steps to mitigate this issue inflight."

The spokesperson went on to say that engineers were currently inspecting the aircraft. The flight landed safely at Perth Airport on Sunday night on time and without incident.

It was a relief for passengers on board.

"We started sort of nose-diving at a 45-degree angle almost," passenger Dylan Geiles told 7NEWS.

Dylan was bracing for the worst after the pilot made an emergency descent announcement and oxygen masks fell from above.

A passenger captured the moment oxygen masks fell from above.
A passenger captured the moment oxygen masks fell from above. Credit: 7NEWS

Passengers were greeted by a raft of emergency services on the tarmac, including firefighters, police and ambulance officers.

But Perth Airport says the response was purely a precaution.

Virgin Australia said the mid-air scare was down to a cabin pressure error.


It was identified by the flight crew when a cabin altitude warning lit up in the flight deck.

No mayday call was made and there was no priority landing.

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