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COVID live: Brisbane lockdown to last for three days, mask wearing mandatory in Queensland

The Queensland government declares Brisbane a hotspot, with the city to go into lockdown this afternoon after four more cases of community transmission are detected. Follow live.
Qld CHO continues on lockdown restrictions

"So we now have significant community transmission and significant numbers of venues of concern all through Brisbane and we know that people have moved from Brisbane out into the broader community, which is why I have advised that we need to ask people who live in greater Brisbane, those five local government areas that make up greater Brisbane, to stay home for the next three days until we can work out how much community transmission there has been and we can contact all of the contacts who have been in these many, many venues. That's critical. 

"So those four reasons that people can leave home as were in place last year and in January this year when we had that 3-day lockdown are, of course, for essential work, and to buy essential supplies, food, medications and so forth, to look after a vulnerable person and for exercise and people, as in the past, people can have up to two visitors to their home and they can go out and exercise in a family group or if they're by themselves with one other person from a different family group.

"So that's very important and all that will be put in place from 5:00pm this afternoon so people can complete their day. I would hope, and I'm sure, that this will not occur, that people don't choose to leave Brisbane during this time. It's important that people go home. If your home is normally outside Brisbane, you have come into Brisbane to work for the day, as we know a lot of people do, of course you can then return to your home but anyone who has been in that greater Brisbane area since Saturday, 20 March, is now required to follow those same requirements, that is to stay wherever they are except for those four reasons."

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