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EXCLUSIVE | Claims Russian hackers behind Channel 9 cyber attack

Russia has been blamed for a cyber attack which has stopped Nine's live programming from being able to air
Channel 9 is facing an unprecedented technical challenged today which has already forced all LIVE programming from Sydney off the air
Master Control at Nine Sydney (image – Buildcorp Group)

A cyber attack originating in Russia is being blamed for Nine’s technical woes which has seen all LIVE programming originating out of Sydney unable to broadcast.

As we reported earlier, Weekend Today was the first casualty with replacement programs put to air instead.

The NRL Sunday Footy Show was replaced with the Melbourne edition. Melbourne is one of the only cities within the Nine Network still able to broadcast due to the fact their system is not entirely automated.

When Channel 9 Sydney moved into its new facility in North Sydney, automation was built into the system, meaning nothing can go to air without a command from a computer.

The Today Show will be switched out of Melbourne on Monday morning (image – Buildcorp Group)

Systems affected by the attack include e-mail and various other production software.

As Melbourne can bypass these processes they were able to run their edition of the Footy Show and will be able to broadcast the 6pm News tonight. Although around 15 people who ran the control room and studio were made redundant a few weeks ago, which will make tonight’s broadcast difficult.

At this stage the network is still trying to provide localised news bulletins in all other states but that will be harder as they all rely on automation. The back-up plan is to use Melbourne to broadcast a national news bulletin tonight. If localised bulletins are produced there will be an impact on the production of those bulletins including a lack of supers.

Pre-recorded programs are not affected by the attack as Nine’s presentation is outsourced to another company called NPC Media, which also provides the transmission presentation for Seven, SCA and NBN.

Security experts have told the network the attack is likely from Russia due to the sophistication of the hack.

Those experts believe the attack has been done in order to stop Monday’s episode of Under Investigation from going to air, due to its focus on Russia this week.

This is how the network is selling the episode:

Never before has a television broadcast brought together so many major players to expose Vladimir Putin’s deadly campaign of chemical assassination, being waged against his enemies on the streets of western countries. Under Investigation reveals Russia’s ongoing development of banned poisons and nerve agents in secret labs – toxins so deadly a single teaspoon could kill thousands.
Under Investigation with Liz Hayes

We can confirm the episode has already been shot and the attack will not stop the airing of the episode.

Sources also tell TV Blackbox there have been no demands for money.

Contingency plans have already been sorted out for tomorrow’s edition of the TODAY show. The presenters will be in Sydney but the program will be switched out of the Melbourne control room at Docklands.

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