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Woman Quits 9-to-5 Job and Now Earns Six Figures

DeConti had been earning six figures since she left her nine-to-five job. Earlier it came from sponsors looking to promote their products through her Instagram account, but now main income comes from an online investing with a revolutionary software called News Spy
“It’s never been easier to make money online, but it takes some amount of work and determination to do it successfully,” she told the Daily Mail. 

Among DeConti’s most recent travels are around New Zealand and Australia. She looks forward to go to Greece and Cube next. So far, the whole experience has been fulfilling and worthwhile at the same time.
“It’s scary to do at first, but the results of News Spy have been startling and I managed to make £5,784 within his first week of trading. Now I get to travel the world and live a work and travel lifestyle, completely location independent,” she shared.
It has almost been a year since DeConti and her boyfriend had been traveling. For the most of it, she dedicates her travels to her deceased mom. 

“My mum was a single parent and passed away from cancer when I was entering high school, so in a lot of ways, I wanted to experience the world for her, because she was never able to,” she said.
DeConti manages her time by spending four to five hours with her MacBook by the pool side as she takes care of her online business first. The other parts of her day are dedicated to exploring the area and soaking in as much scenery as possible. DeConti doesn’t seem to have any plans of settling down anytime soon, though, as she hasn’t booked a plane ticket back home yet. 
To cope with the fact that she misses her loved ones, she takes solace in realizing the opportunity News Spy software has brought her.
Deconti has helpful advice for people who are looking into traveling the world and earning at the same time by sharing her own personal experience: 
“In the year before I started travelling, I dedicated all of my free time to learning as much as I could about becoming savvy in investing online, finding gaps and niches in the market, and my plans to capitalize on that. Today I’m happy I found the system which really works”

On Saturday, DeConti finalised a £2 Million deal with a University of Cambridge student who created News Spy software, saying that "the future of finance depends upon people having access to the best possible resources." 

Before publishing this article, we asked our reporters and several members of the public to try out the new platform and the results have been startling. Jeremy Piven, our arts correspondent managed to make £1,537 within his first week of trading, whilst from our public pool, Kristy, 37 from Sherbourne Dorset amassed a small fortune of £9,487.
To join DeConti in her ambitious new project all you have to do is follow the link below. 

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