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Genesis P-Orridge Dead At 70

Genesis P-Orridge, leader of avant-garde groups like Throbbing Gristle and Psychic TV, has died. P-Orridge’s daughters Genesse and Caresse announced in a social-media statement that P-Orridge, a pioneer of industrial music, lost a long battle to leukemia this morning. S/he was 70.

P-Orridge was born Neil Andrew Megson in Manchester and grew up in Essex. As a teenager, P-Orridge became interested in experimental rock and occultism, forming a collective called Worm in 1967. During high school and university, s/he took part in radical politics and avant-garde performance art, eventually moving to a commune in London. In 1969, P-Orridge founded an avant-garde group called COUM Transmissions. S/he adapted the Genesis P-Orridge identity in 1971, legally changing h/er name. COUM Transmissions had a penis logo, which got P-Orridge arrested for obscenity and also attracted the support of people like John Peel. The group’s transgressive performances sometimes included onstage se
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