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Watch Test Footage Of Aquaman Star Jason Momoa As The Crow

Aquaman star Jason Momoa was once attached to star in a reboot of The Crow, and test footage of him in the role has surfaced online.

Test footage was revealed that gave fans a look at Aquaman star Jason Momoa in the lead role of The Crow. Of course, the reboot with Momoa has been canceled, but the test footage definitely catches the vibe of The Crow.

For those who don't know the story, The Crow is a supernatural superhero comic book series that follows the titular character. Musician Eric Draven was killed the night before his wedding along with his fiancee. On the anniversary of the day of their death, Draven rose from the grave and becomes a supernatural avenger tracking down those responsible.

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The Crow reboot with Momoa was close to becoming a reality until scheduling conflicts forced the Aquaman star and director Corin Hardy to step away. The project was subsequently axed, but the test footage now gives fans a glimpse at Momoa in the signature face-paint of The Crow. An emotionally tortured and beaten person, The Crow doesn't stop until he gets his vengeance. When he's not on the hunt, he resides in the house that he and his wife once shared while soaking in despair and reminiscing on the memories of the past that they shared. The test footage shows that Momoa would have captured these qualities well.

While there hasn't been much progress on The Crow reboot since it was recently canceled, Hardy has stated that he holds out a little bit of hope for it picking up again one day. "It's a story that I'm just in love with and wedded towards," the director told ComicBook.Com, "and I put three and a half, four years of life into and love and blood and sweat and tears, and I have a ton of materials, so I don't know whether one day ... I suppose I'm not really wanting to show them because I still believe there will be a Crow sometime, but we'll see."

There was a 1994 live-action adaptation of The Crow, but this new telling was meant for modern audiences. Hardy was meant to direct with a much darker take that would lean into the horror genre while also staying the most accurate to the comic book source material.

With Momoa busy on James Wan's Aquaman 2, it seems unlikely that he'll find the time to rejoin The Crow reboot anytime soon. Hopefully, the traction that this footage brings may breathe new life into the IP. which would bring a new movie for fans to watch in theaters.

The Crow is available to stream on Paramount Plus.

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