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Jock Zonfrillo’s sweet and savoury tarts had three contestants unable to finish the challenge

Tuesday night’s pressure test was no simple task for the unlucky contestants.

Tuesday night’s pressure test was no simple task for the unlucky contestants.

The losing team from Monday’s team challenge were forced to cook for their survival in a pressure test.

Set by MasterChef judge Jock Zonfrillo, the aim of the challenge was all about applying pressure and cooking out of your comfort zone.

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Jock explains there are two dishes to choose from, a savoury tart and a sweet tart.

Each contestant were asked to stand behind the dish they feel most comfortable making.

In a twist, Jock announces its time for the contestants to step out of their comfort zone and switches the dishes, meaning those who chose the savoury tart are now cooking a sweet tart and vice versa.

The twist certainly threw off a lot of contestants, mainly the ones who were forced to cook the sweet tart.

Their downfall came in the shape of the caramelised white chocolate tart shell, with Eric being the only contestant who was able to remove it from its tin.

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In an incredibly wholesome moment, Eric jumps for joy as his tart slides out of its tin, however, its not the same case for the other three contestants who were cooking the sweet tart.

Unable to remove the shell at all, they each presented a deconstructed tart to Jock, Mel and Andy.

In this case, the judges then had to determine who would stay and who would go based on the other elements on the dish.

Unfortunately for Maja, her salted caramel chocolate was far too sweet, sending her home at the end of the cook.

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