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The Suicide Squad Trailer Breakdown: 33 Story Reveals

The horribly beautiful Suicide Squad trailer is here!

The first full trailer for James Gunn's The Suicide Squad has finally arrived, and there's an awful lot to digest - literally in King Shark's case. After the disappointment of 2016's Suicide Squad, calls to release the "Ayer Cut" are ongoing, but despite the original film's poor reviews, there was something worthwhile in the concept of B-list DC characters accompanying Margot Robbie's twisted-but-charming Harley Quinn into certain death. Hoping for something better, James Gunn (fresh from his temporary Marvel firing) was put in charge of The Suicide Squad.

In lieu of a straight sequel to the 2016 movie, The Suicide Squad in a soft reboot of sorts. Still firmly within the DCEU framework, The Suicide Squad introduces a mostly fresh batch of desperate antiheroes, mixes in a few favorites from before, and thus ensues a brand new (albeit just as suicidal) mob ready to die on behalf of Uncle Sam. Or perhaps Uncle Sam's disowned half-brother twice removed. Due to release on HBO Max on August 6, a new trailer formally introduces the world to Hollywood's Task Force X 2.0 - and the result is a glorious explosion of dysfunction, guts, fireballs, and... giant starfish?

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The Suicide Squad's trailer is generous in revealing key story hints and first glimpses at new characters, while teasing the offbeat dynamic between the various personalities in this mammoth cast. Despite the dizzying blitz of action, the early signs are very promising indeed. Here are all of the story reveals in The Suicide Squad's big trailer.

The Suicide Squad Bus Pulls Up
Bus in The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad's trailer begins with the titular group's bus pulling around a city corner. The vehicle is appropriately run-down and painted a garish blue with yellow stripes. Given the decor, the van seems to have been commandeered by the Suicide Squad in the middle of their mission. James Gunn previously confirmed that The Suicide Squad's new misadventure would take place on DC's fictional South American island of Corto Maltese, and the Suicide Squad's fun-bus could be tearing through the streets of the island's urban capital.

Idris Elba's Bloodsport
Idris Elba as Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad vertical

Moving inside the van, The Suicide Squad offers a first look at Idris Elba in action as Bloodsport. Known to his friends as Robert DuBois, DC's comic book Bloodsport is a skilled assassin and supervillain, and functions here as Task Force X's new Deadshot, essentially. Elba's character is seen tossing out guns to his teammates, and pokes fun at John Cena's Peacemaker for his toilet-themed headgear. Interestingly, Elba is dressed in a bloody vest, while the other Squad members are in similarly casual clothing, suggesting the gang might lose their trademark super costumes at some point during their escapades.

First Looks At Peacemaker, Rick Flag, King Shark & More
Peacemaker, Rick Flag, King Shark, Polka Dot Man and Thinker in The Suicide Squad

Like the cool kids at school, The Suicide Squad's trailer makes its way to the back of the bus, revealing even more new faces. John Cena's Peacemaker is sporting a fetching polo shirt to go with his signature well-polished helmet, and he's parked next to Joel Kinnaman's Rick Flag - one of precious few returnees from 2016's Suicide Squad. Staying quiet in the rear seats are Peter Capaldi's Thinker, the CGI King Shark, and David Dastmalchian's Polka-Dot Man hurrying to get himself dressed.

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Harley Quinn Has Been Captured
Harley Quinn file in The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad's current mission is to rescue the captured Harley Quinn. It appears that, at some point during The Suicide Squad's insane plot, Quinn is taken by enemies, and her colleagues decide to break from their primary objective in order to free her. Bloodsport is on board with this change of plan, and Flag insists that even Task Force X never leave one of their own behind, building upon his working relationship with Harley Quinn from the first movie. Peacemaker, on the other hand, can't believe that the mission is being compromised for a "mental defective dressed as a court jester." Probably best not say that to her face. There's no indication of who was brave enough to kidnap Quinn, but Flag is heard hoping she's "still alive." On Waller's desk, Ratcatcher and TDK's files can also be seen, setting up their future involvement.

Amanda Waller Returns
Viola Davis as Amanda Waller in The Suicide Squad

On the other end of a walkie-talkie is Viola Davis, reprising her role as Amanda Waller. The architect of the original Task Force X, Waller was told in no uncertain terms to cease her off-books operation by Bruce Wayne. Clearly, she didn't listen. Waller is safely stationed at her command center headquarters, but remotely reminds her Colonel "no funny business." Although the trailer's editing suggests Waller is directly referring to the Harley Quinn rescue mission, this wouldn't make sense if the Squad have deviated from their objective to save her.

Team 2 Are Elsewhere
Monitor in The Suicide Squad

A key detail hidden in Amanda Waller's first trailer scene confirms the inclusion of a second Task Force X. While Waller talks to Flag's group over a walkie, a nearby monitor displays a CCTV feed of another squad in transit. This group consists of Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang, Nathan Fillion's TDK, Michael Rooker's Savant, Flula Borg's Javelin, and several others. This B-team are in an entirely different military transport, separate from Flag's big blue bus. The shot effectively confirms that The Suicide Squad's cast will be split into two for most, if not all, of the movie.

Storming An Government Building
Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag in The Suicide Squad

As the aforementioned bus reaches its destination, the strangely-dressed Flag, Bloodsport and Polka-Dot Man descend upon what looks like an official government embassy. Amanda Waller's voice-over reminds Flag that "these are dangerous people" and, taking into account other details in the trailer, Harley Quinn might've been seized by the evil military government of Corto Maltese, led by the dastardly Silvio Luna. Another member of the team (most likely Daniela Melchior's Ratcatcher 2, but her face is covered with binoculars) acts as a lookout on a nearby building, and Peacemaker is seen tucked snugly into a bell tower, his sights trained firmly on the action, and his denim shorts riding up relentlessly.

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Harley Doesn't Need A Man's Help
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in The Suicide Squad

Just as the operation to save Harley Quinn is about the commence, the Bird of Prey herself emerges from behind Rick Flag, casually greeting her buddies as if nothing ever happened. Covered in blood and clutching a ceremonial flagpole, Harley has apparently managed to liberate herself, but she's touched when Flag tells her about the rescue plan. Throughout her DCEU history, Harley has been let down by supposed allies, so she's genuinely moved by her friends' arrival, even offering to go back in and get recaptured. Bloodsport points out how patronizing that would be, and the pair are introduced for the first time in this scene, confirming Harley and Bloodsport aren't both recruited for The Suicide Squad's original team. This sequence is interlaced with footage of Amanda Waller and her agents wearing expressions that fall somewhere between shock and annoyance, but these wont necessarily line-up with the Harley sequence in the finished movie.

Michael Rooker's Savant Shows His Skills
Michael Rooker as Savant in The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad's trailer turns its attention away from the Harley Quinn mission, and into the cosy confines of a high-security jail. As everyone knows, the DCEU's Amanda Waller sources her Task Force X subjects from dangerous convicts, and this opportunity is taken to introduce some of the film's fresh faces. First up is Michael Rooker's Savant. Rooker (who previously worked with James Gunn on Slither and the Guardians of the Galaxy movies) sits in a prison yard, and ricochets a ball perfectly off numerous red crosses painted upon four walls before making the final catch effortlessly. In the DC comics, Savant is an expert hacker and digital vigilante, but he can add serious catch skills to his resume in The Suicide Squad.

Peter Davidson's Blackguard
Peter Davidson's Crocs in The Suicide Squad

Also languishing behind bars is Peter Davidson's Blackguard. The comic book character is somewhat of a joke baddie whose evil plans are often ruined by his own stupidity, and The Suicide Squad alludes to a similar flaw for the DCEU character, with Davidson bashfully picking toilet paper from his bright orange Crocs. It's not a great look, least of all in a prison environment.

Sean Gunn's Weasel
Weasel in The Suicide Squad

Finally, Sean Gunn's Weasel is spotted licking the glass window of his cell, before realizing he's being watched and deciding to stop. Sean has featured in several of his brother's movies, most notably playing Kraglin in the Guardians of the Galaxy films. Weasel (real name John Monroe) is a murderer who dons an animal costume in his original DC comics run, but The Suicide Squad turns Monroe into a grotesque, scraggy anthropomorphic beast instead. He's the Rocket Raccoon of the piece, just not as cuddly.

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The Explosive Injection
Bomb injection in The Suicide Squad

Helpfully explaining the premise of Task Force X, The Suicide Squad's trailer shows Savant being brutally injected with an explosive in the base of his skull, courtesy of Amanda Waller. This is the traditional method for blackmailing the Suicide Squad into complying with their assigned mission. As Waller's voice-over explains, any subordination or defiance will result in the injected bomb detonating, killing any of the convicts instantly. Should any of the task force recruits prove successful, however, they'll be rewarded with a decade slashed from their sentence.

"From The Horribly Beautiful Mind..."
Cast of The Suicide Squad

As the newly assembled Suicide Squad pour out of a military van, they saunter in front of a giant, conveniently-placed American flag. From left-to-right, the lineup includes Weasel, Blackguard, Mongal (in Mayling Ng's first proper appearance), Javelin, Captain Boomerang, TDK, and Rick Flag. This particular division is the B-team seen previously on Amanda Waller's screen, but with the addition of Flag, once again driving the idea of two separate Task Force Xs being deployed in The Suicide Squad. Quite what this iteration are sent to accomplish remains to be seen, but the footage does at least show Jai Courtney wiping orange muck from his boot with the edge of a boomerang. It's Weasel poop isn't it?

This epic shot shows Savant and Blackguard in their supervillain costumes for the very first time, with Rooker donning a red vest with dark goggles, and Davidson sporting a kitted-out black number with plenty of firearms attached, both quite far removed from the comics. Interestingly, Savant refers to the Suicide Squad as "famous" in this sequence, suggesting the Enchantress mission earned Waller's warriors a degree of infamy in certain circles. As taglines go, few are as encouraging as "from the horribly beautiful mind of James Gunn."

Jai Courtney Returns
Jai Courtney as Captain Boomerang in The Suicide Squad

Speaking of which, the patriotic assembly gives a first up-close look at Jai Courtney's returning Captain Boomerang. The unkempt Australian debuted in 2016's Suicide Squad, before (sort of) making a cameo in 2020's Birds of Prey. Rarely out of trouble with the authorities, it's no surprise that Boomerang is one of the few original Suicide Squad members still alive and willing to participate in another headfirst leap towards certain doom. The character's costume is changed-up, with a beanie hat, and his boomerang projectiles attached to his chest for easy access.

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Nathan Fillion's TDK
Nathan Fillion as TDK in The Suicide Squad

Aside from Captain Boomerang, fans also get more closely acquainted with Nathan Fillion's TDK, as he sips a refreshing can of *turns head* Pibb. Dressed in his skull-and-crossbones costume, TDK is a superhuman with the uncanny ability to remove and regrow his limbs. That'll come in handy. Fillion is a cult-favorite actor among comic book fans, and his casting in The Suicide Squad comes with no small amount of excitement.

Harley With A Bazooka
Harley Quinn bazooka in The Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn and rocket launchers are the "peanut butter and jelly" of the DC universe, and Margot Robbie's character gets to play with her favorite toy in The Suicide Squad. This scene likely comes inside the movie's third act - a big battle taking place in the jungles of Corto Maltese.

"Nom Nom"
King Shark in The Suicide Squad

Harley Quinn isn't the only member of Task Force X wreaking havoc in the exotic jungle setting. King Shark creeps up behind an unsuspecting villain (probably, who knows with this lot?) and gleefully says "nom nom" before picking the enemy up and taking a well-deserved bite. The Suicide Squad's trailer makes clear that the two-legged sea monster is the story's CGI comedy character - like Groot, but far more murderous. Amanda Waller's handler back at HQ (played by Steve Agee) is suitably disgusted by King Shark's snack. It'll be interesting to see what stops King Shark from eating friends as well as foes.

The Suicide Squad Briefing Goes... Well?
John Cena as Peacemaker in The Suicide Squad

Practicing social distancing before it was cool, The Suicide Squad's next trailer scene shows a briefing between Amanda Waller and her new recruits, including Bloodsport, Ratcatcher 2, Polka-Dot Man, King Shark and Peacemaker. This is the other half of Task Force X - the ones who weren't parading in front of the American flag previously. Perhaps the sequel's mission is a dual strike, or maybe one team dies, and another is forced to clean up the mess. Either way, the briefing could go better - King Shark struggles to even understand the concept of raising his hand. Realizing their peril, Bloodsport points out how likely is it that the whole team will die, to which Polka-Dot Man hilariously replies "I hope so." This scene is most probably a precursor to the Harley Quinn rescue mission and Corto Maltese mission, since each character is replete in their full superhero gear.

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The Fellowship's Journey
Sunset in The Suicide Squad

Not the most plot-driven shot, but perhaps the most stunning in the entire first trailer for The Suicide Squad. Bloodsport's team (Ratcatcher, Peacemaker and King Shark are visible here) trek through the rainforest of Corto Maltese upon the backdrop of a beautiful jungle sunset, somewhat reminiscent of the Fellowship's iconic mountain crossing in The Lord of the Rings.

Interrogating Thinker
Peter Capaldi as Thinker in The Suicide Squad

One of the most brain-scratching moments in The Suicide Squad's trailer is the interrogation of Peter Capaldi's Thinker. Echoing the technique of Rory in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels, Rick Flag tells Thinker that if the squad fail to complete their mission, he dies. Bloodsport then assures Thinker that if he feeds the squad bogus information he also dies, before Harley Quinn chips in with a few stipulations of her own (no personalized number plates, cover your mouth if you cough... seems fair enough). The exchange is played for laughs, but Thinker obviously isn't a trusted member of Task Force X. Perhaps Peter Capaldi encounters Flag's unit midway through their mission, then joins in time to save Harley. In the background of shot, an unknown ally to the Suicide Squad can be spotted, played by Julio Ruiz.

The Military Assemble
Military in The Suicide Squad

As Team Bloodsport head into battle, a huge military presence led by Joaquín Cosío's Major General Suárez begins to converge. This would be the armed guard of Silvio Luna - the tyrannical president of Corto Maltese portrayed by Juan Diego Botto. With Task Force X apparently sent to eliminate the South American dictator, this trailer moment proves the ragtag amalgamation of villains and vigilantes are vastly outnumbered and outgunned.

Bloodsport Is The Leader
John Cena as Peacemaker and Idris Elba as Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad

For those who always wanted to see Idris Elba and John Cena talk about dicks, The Suicide Squad has you covered. Advancing through the jungle with Ratcatcher 2 in tow, Peacemaker reminds Bloodsport of his responsibilities as a leader. At this stage, Rick Flag has either been taken elsewhere, or is yet to join up with Bloodsport and the others, but whatever the case, it's interesting that Elba's character is considered second-in-command. Told to "eat a bag of dicks" by his commander, Peacemaker proudly proclaims that there's no amount of penis he wouldn't gobble down in the name of freedom, establishing the comically patriotic slant of his character.

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Nightclub Relaxation
Nightclub in The Suicide Squad

One of the most memorable scenes in 2016's Suicide Squad comes when the various Task Force X members gather in an abandoned bar. It's a rare moment of reflection when the larger-than-life characters drop their collective guard and finally bond. 2021's equivalent seems to be a nightclub sequence, where Bloodsport's half of the Suicide Squad visit a pulsing nightclub for a rare few hours of relaxation and down time. Polka-Dot Man and Peacemaker can both be spotted on the dance floor. Unsurprisingly, the latter's moves could use some work.

Buildings Collapse
Building collapse in The Suicide Squad

In an elaborate CGI-heavy action sequence, Harley Quinn, Polka-Dot Man and Bloodsport run from a collapsing building, leaping out across the falling rubble alongside King Shark. Quinn still looks to be wielding her flag pole here, so the scene likely slots in after her bloody escape from captivity. As for why the structure might be mid-demolition, a later trailer shot may hold the answer.

Alice Braga as Sol Soria
Alice Braga as Sol Soria in The Suicide Squad

It's only a quick glimpse, but The Suicide Squad's trailer shows Alice Braga's Sol Soria brandishing a rifle in an opulent palace. Sol Soria is the leader of the local resistance movement on Corto Maltese, hatefully opposed to the leadership of Silvio Luna. Naturally, this makes her a begrudging ally to the more outlandish Task Force X.

Bloodsport Attacks Waller
Pen in The Suicide Squad

Probably taken from an early scene in The Suicide Squad, an orange jumpsuit-clad Bloodsport lunges towards Amanda Waller's throat with a pen. As part of her recruitment process, Waller has apparently invited Idris Elba into her command center, where she'll offer the opportunity to reduce his sentence as part of Task Force X. In a predictable show of strength, the supervillain seizes a nearby writing implement and makes his move, just to prove he could kill Waller if he wanted. Waller's steely demeanor shines through, however, as she remains unmoved with the nib only millimetres from her neck.

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King Shark Shows His Strength
King Shark and soldier in The Suicide Squad

Not to be outdone by the badassery of Bloodsport and Amanda Waller, King Shark appears, tearing a soldier from the Corto Maltese military in half with his bare hands in a hail of blood. Upon the backdrop of a violent storm, King Shark's big trailer moment is visually stunning, and proves the character's raw, uncontrollable strength heading into The Suicide Squad.

The Chopper Goes Down
Helicopter in The Suicide Squad

More chaos in the midst of the jungle assault as a military helicopter crashes through the trees, sending the soldiers on the ground running for cover. Which member of the Squad brought it down? Harley with her bazooka? The twirling chopper is interlaced with an unrelated shot of the Suicide Squad's armored truck in a spin. The red lightning suggests this is taken from the Amanda Waller video feed from earlier, and Captain Boomerang appears to be one of the unlucky Task Force X members stuck inside.

Harley On The Attack
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad

In a John Wick-esque moment of gunfight precision, Harley Quinn takes down military goons galore with a pair of handguns, before a colorful explosion of flowers erupts behind her, calling back to the bright color scheme of Birds of Prey. This platter of bloody violence looks like part of Quinn's escape from the government before the rest of Task Force X arrive to lend a hand.

Bloodsport's Promise
Idris Elba as Bloodsport in The Suicide Squad

Quiet moments are in short supply, but one of The Suicide Squad's few tender trailer scenes features Bloodsport promising to get Ratcatcher 2 out of the Task Force X mess alive, only for her to respond with "I'm going to get YOU out of here alive." This scene teases the kind of personal connections between cast members that went underdeveloped in 2016's Suicide Squad. The conversation also proves Bloodsport's willingness to step-up as a leader, but teases Ratcatcher as the group's secret weapon.

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Starro In The DCEU
Starro in The Suicide Squad

The big, climactic reveal of The Suicide Squad's trailer is the DCEU arrival of Starro. With an eclectic comic career that includes being an early villain of the Justice League and a sidekick to Batman, Starro's presence in The Suicide Squad was heavily rumored after his fishy likeness was spotted in promotional images. Starro is now confirmed as the film's main threat, smashing down buildings and smashing up whatever his five limbs can reach. The trailer doesn't explain Starro's origin story in the DCEU, but given that he appears on the isle of Corto Maltese, the "freaking kaiju" could be an experiment from Silvio Luna's captured Nazi facility, and the real reason Task Force X were chosen for the mission. Starro's design is authentic to the DC comics, and if he retains his traditional ability to manipulate the minds of others, this might explain why a second Suicide Squad team is called upon.

The Other Suicide Squad Lines Up
Team in The Suicide Squad

The first half of The Suicide Squad's cast got their epic "walk towards camera" moment against the American flag; the rest of the gang get theirs in a dramatic whirlwind of rain. This second lineup includes (from what can be seen through the water) King Shark, Ratcatcher 2, Rick Flag, Bloodsport, Harley Quinn, Peacemaker, Thinker, Polka-Dot Man and possibly Julio Ruiz's unconfirmed character lurking to the far right of shot.

Harley Likes The Rain
Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn rain in The Suicide Squad

Would it really be a Harley Quinn movie if Margot Robbie didn't say something kooky and inappropriate? In one final sting from The Suicide Squad's raucous trailer, Quinn notes how much she loves the rain because it's like "angels are splooging all over us." A lovely mental image to end on.

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