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NSW's online voting system iVote crashes on council election day

Online voting system crashes as NSW heads to the polls for local council elections""Brisbane TimesiVote NSW - how to vote online - CRASHES as millions head to the polls for NSW local council election 2021"" council elections: Voting system

The NSW Electoral Commission announced via a tweet the iVote website is "currently unavailable".

"We're investigating the issue and will resolve it as soon as possible," the tweet read.

"We regret any inconvenience caused."

The tweet was posted four hours ago. At present, iVote is still not functioning.

More than 5 million NSW residents were set to head to the polling booths today. It is not known how many people were voting online.

iVote is a system set up for people who have specific difficulties in casting a ballot in person.

They include the blind and those with low vision, silent electors, and those who have trouble reading.

People who are outside their local government area on election day and did not receive a postal ballot are also eligible to use the system.

iVote has crashed on election day.
iVote has crashed on election day. (NSW Electoral Commission)

Every voter in NSW is required to cast a ballot today for local government elections.

Those who don't vote face a $55 fine.

Democracy sausage (Getty)
While buying a democracy sausage is not mandatory, it is an option at many polling stations. (Getty)

The elections had been postponed twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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